Thursday, March 5


OKAY, so Twitter's an abomination; that doesn't mean I want to be the last one to climb on board. So, with a tip of the hat to The Daily Show and the invention of Voweler, I've decided to begin posting random minutiae of my wholly uninteresting life as reduced to action words there in the center column. It's sort of the old-time radio version of tweeting, since the reader gets to fill in the details for himself. So, for example, if I shoot some hoops, you can imagine I'm shooting heroin, or the mailman; if I screw that new bookcase together, you can imagine I'm screwing my head on straight, or the mailman. In this way I might become interesting. Okay, too much. I'll probably be tired of it in 72 hours, unless I win some web award; don't get too attached.

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John Evo said...

For those still clueless about Twitter, this TED Talk is a good place to start.