Friday, June 12

Funny Thing Is, Come Here, Boy Is Said To Have Been Her Best Trick, Too

Caption: First Lady Nancy Reagan with First Dog Rex, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, on the South Lawn of the White House, 1986. Courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

A Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Wow, that's unexpected. What were they originally bred for, rounding up dissidents?


heydave said...

For someone who likes dogs, I have to admit to an unfortunate annoyance with the little fucker's obvious attitude.

Brian said...

Attitude? You ain't ever met a BASENJI, have you? KCCSs crave human attention needily. Basenjis are like cats-you exist to serve them!

Sator Arepo said...

I reckon that her astrologer recommended that breed as particularly well-suited to whatever her made-up-shit astrological sign is.


Grace Nearing said...

Rex was a Christmas gift to the Reagans from William F. Buckley, who favored the breed himself. The first Reagan White House dog, like the children from Reagan's first marriage, was banished for being rather large and clumsy with the furniture.

RE Nancy: How is it possible for a woman to be totally anorexic on the top half of her body and chunky on the bottom half? That's some cruel genetics going on there.

Anonymous said...

Basenjis - I had a black & white for about 11 years. I inherited her from a previous owner that didn’t want her. She had too many little personality quirks that didn’t jibe with said owner. Most of them related to the fact she regarded herself as the alpha female of the universe. A trait, I’ve heard, is common to the breed. I remember one time we were coming back home down an alley and we met a another dog coming the other way. Did I say dog? I thought it was a pony coming up the alley when I first saw it. If I had to guess it was a Newfoundland, Great Dane and Shepherd cross. He promptly stuck his nose up her behind and she promptly whipped around and nipped him on the offending nose. His head was half size she was and I was frantically looking around to see if there was anything club-like in the vicinity. Fortunately the big guy just looked at her like with a gaze that said, “What are you dear, an idiot?” (answer - yes) and trotted off. She wasn’t too uppity though - she did let me sleep in my bed while she was on it.


Gold For RS said...

My partner and i reckon that your ex astrologer recommended that breed of dog as specifically well-suited for you to whatever the woman's made-up-shit astrology signal will be.
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