Saturday, January 21

Piers, n. : The Vertiginous Self-Loathing That Follows An Ill-Considered And Lube-Free Bout Of Sodomy With A Fatuous Clown

SO Piers Morgan asks Rick Santorum how he'd counsel a raped and pregnant daughter:
“I would do what every father must do: Counsel your daughter to do the right thing.You can make the argument that if she doesn’t have this baby, if she kills her child, that too could ruin her life."

“This is not an easy choice. I understand that. As horrible as the way that son or daughter was created, it still is her child.”

Okay, first: we have to raid British teevee to find this guy? For fuck's sake, this--The Kitty Dukakis Gotcha!--is the way we still ask this question? Santorum's willing to sentence thousands of women to death in childbirth because the representatives of a 2000-year-dead imaginary carpenter tell him so. What does how he claims he'd counsel his own child have to do with anything, except the apparent expectation that he might suddenly admit that his one claim to campaign contributions doesn't apply to him personally? Sure. Sure he would.

How many times do we imagine Rick Santorum has practiced answering this question for a national audience? You think some consultant asked him if he could choke up on "son or daughter", maybe just a little?

It's like asking Mitch Daniels whether some incident of corporate rapine would cause him to burn his five copies of Atlas Shrugged. What's he supposed to say? "Wow, ya got me, Piers. I'm actually a total fraud, and just in this for the money. You Brits are tough."

How 'bout asking Santorum about women who're fortunate enough not to be part of his brood, whom he nonetheless helped sentence to much riskier medical procedures regardless of their religious beliefs, or the wishes of their parents?

And if you have to ask stupid questions, how 'bout following up by asking him why he doesn't have the courage to defend his theological beliefs without weaseling? It's not an easy choice? According to the Roman church it is, at least morally. It's certainly one Rick Santorum is ready, willing, and eager to make in millions of cases where he doesn't know anyone involved, or the medical issues, or anything else but the Pope's wishes. You wanna trap him in hypocrisy, ask about the hypocrisy which claims that procedure designed to save his wife's life at the expense of his "baby" differed qualitatively from 99.999% of late-term abortions.

Santorum is a loathsome slug; he's Newt Gingrich without the entertainment value. He may deserve to have any sort of frothy mix hurled at him, in public. The public, on the other hand, deserves better. Just for the novelty, if for nothing else.


Kordo said...

God, for some mysterious reason, fuckin' loves Democrats. I have no other explanation for the existence of the current Republican field. Anyone who had a chance in hell of not being laughed out of the general election bailed before the starting gun fired; what's left could only be flattered by the term "laughable". Pres. Obama must live right.
Ladies & Gentlemen: Newt Gingrich, Frontrunner! (rimshot)
Sadly, the rest of the world is watching. It's like your buddies coming over to watch the game, & finding your wife's pervert uncle wanking to a Sailor Moon cartoon. It's not really your fault, but it's happening under your roof...
What a country.

Scott Supak said...

I wish someone would ask Santorum exactly how he would force women to give birth to their rapists' babies. Strap them down? Throw them in a cage?

KWillow said...

Santorum not only approved his Wife's abortion, he brought the murdered (by his standards)baby home to show off. Worse than creepy.

Fiddlin' Bill said...

I happen to know folks who assert Santorum's beliefs on abortion in the abstract--and who nonetheless sent their underage pregnant daughter straight to an abortionist. It was not wise to point out to them that they had been inconsistent, either, unless one desired a broken nose. My guess is, that is most likely Santorum's true response to such a circumstance. After all, talk is way cheap. He certainly hasn't bothered to mention that his sainted coal-shovelling gramps was, prior to arriving in the US of A, an Italian communist. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts gramps was also a hard working member of the UMW.

MR Bill said...

Where did British Teevee find this guy?

(hand up!)
Oooh, oooh I know!

Our friend Wikipedia say Mr.Morgan (real name Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan (born Piers Stefan O'Meara) was the former editor of the sleazy Rupert Murdoch tabloid News of the World, and then the aggressively sleazy editor (investigated for stock insider trading) of the Daily Mirror..
And he was the 'Right wing interrogator" of the short lived "Morgan and Platell" show, hand picked by Simon Cowell... His 2003 BBC series "The Importance of Being Famous" seems to sum up his career, which one hopes will end in long prison terms for his involvement in the Murdoch phone hacking scandals.

Warren Terra said...

I listen to a lot of BBC Radio 4, and while I can't claim it's a representative sample (their audience is rather smugly middle-class and educated - think of it as NPR, only maybe more so), you hear Piers Morgan mentioned occasionally, and when he is mentioned, he's always invoked with utter contempt. I get the feeling a lot of the Brits were equally mystified to see Morgan lured away to the US with vast piles of cash, but were quite delighted to see him go.