Thursday, February 9

Quick Question

LET'S say that, because you were Pol Pot, Joe Stalin, or Mariah Carey in a previous lifetime, you're reincarnated as a Slate writer. And not just that, but one assigned to the "Explainer" column.

Now, in view of what you stand to lose if you fuck up this time--life as, say, Mitt Romney's dog, or Bill Frist's cat, or Mitch Daniels' barber--would you not take care to note--to explain, even--that your claim that "millions, probably" of children are sexually abused by their teachers is based on what children themselves told pollsters? And maybe avoid calling it "the best available study" instead of, oh, "made-up shit of no probative value"?

Hey, I don't mean to belittle the fight against child exploitation, but if you wanna put an end to it maybe "agribusiness" and "the Roman Catholic Church" could find their way onto the list. How many children get fucked in school every day by the Texas and Louisiana State Boards of Education?


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I tried passing your question on to Brian Palmer, but either Slate's common tatin' system is too sucky (this is true either way), or it got censored.

Weird Dave said...

Wait. Someone who gets paid to write - in english - wrote the words "millions, probably"?

TM said...

Millions, really?

Well now I feel offended. I thought my fondle-free school years were normal, but with this new revelation... was I not pretty enough?

Sator Arepo said...

Frankly, the most remarkable thing about Slate is that they so consistently misspell "fail" as s-l-a-t-e.