Wednesday, December 19

Robert Bork 1927-2012

ASSUMING you know nothing about the Bork nomination, and were spared living through it, here is all you need to know to dogpaddle the salty seas of tearful Borking tributes: the man was forced, under oath and before the Senate and the nation, to admit that Originalism was, I believe the Latin term is, horseshit. And that the last quarter century has added exactly nothing to its foundation.


Anonymous said...

And with his passing the Ninth Amendment is, for the moment, safe.


Poicephalus said...

Room at the Inn.
What a great soliloquy.
I miss that Senator Kennedy.


ps In keeping with a running theme here, I was 27. It was something that was going on in my accessible memory. The Saturday Night Massacre was a little less so. I was 13.


Anonymous said...

History tosses up assholes in no particular order. Far better for him to have lived a life of seething vitriol, known only to his friends and family. Instead, his gaping failure as a human being was laid bare for all of us to wince upon.

Anonymous said...