Wednesday, October 20

People, And Their Facsimiles, In The News

OKAY, admittedly, I'm but a dilettante at the Law, a mere amateur rhetorician and wannabe electrician, and I'm no a Hazmat technician, I just like wearing the suits. But at this point, since he obviously can't manage to keep Lady Macbeth there indoors, shouldn't Clarence Thomas now recuse himself from any case involving an insanity defense? Can't someone explain to Crazy Ginni that words have meanings, at least they often do when sane people try to use them, and that these words are magically recorded and preserved by answering machines? And has the Thomas household been checked recently for heavy metals? How 'bout the Coke cans?

Christ, if nothing else, can't whoever's been ponying up the wingnut welfare on the grounds that, since she'd done the dirty hula with a Negro she was the one Teabagger who couldn't be called racist, stuff a sock in her or something?


charles pierce said...

My son is a Brandeis alum and is very upset that the campus switchboard is allowing crazy people to harass distinguished professors.

Ms Marm said...

Even so, that dirty hula part could have been more chivalrously put. Sometimes even the things we know won't rise over ugly when we say them out loud.

Please excuse me while I look for a place to faint.

timb said...

THE Charles Pierce? If so, we are in august company. If just an "a" Charles Pierce, then we are in the company of someone whose son goes to Brandeis, and then were in mostly august company.

Brings me to a point: what is their marriage based on since he has never told her the truth?