Friday, February 4

We Are All Centenarians

MARIA Schneider dies; William Grimes turns this into a Land O'Lakes commercial.

Really? The woman was assfucked, in a film, forty years ago, and that's all you can talk about? Twice? In an obituary? That wasn't just so you could say "anal intercourse" in the Times, was it? Or so you could pronounce audiences at the time "scandalized" by the behavior (whereas the modern audience would be fine with it, but troubled by the high fat content) instead of pointing out that the percentage of Philistines remains fairly constant, generation after generation?

Sheesh. And the poor woman was typecast, you say? However could that have happened?


cinéast said...

I think Grimes gets it wrong. The only use of butter in that movie that I remember was when Brando forced her to probe his own ass. She was pitching, he was catching, and the idea was that he was humiliating himself. Although it may have humiliated her off-screen finger as well.

Fiddlin Bill said...

Stories of directors being in a psychological sense "brutal" with actors (of both sexes) are legion, and many of the very best performances ensued. And usually, at a later date at least, the actors (of both sexes) were appreciative of the efforts of the director. Getting a movie right is damned hard work. Ms Schneider did some great work in her career. So did Brando. Brando himself said later he would never go so deep again (speaking of his work in Last Tango). By that he did not mean to pun.

StringonaStick said...

Grimes just wanted to publically discuss the fact that everytime he sees a stick of butter, he gets an interesting feeling. Now in order to get the same thrill he's had to up the ante by writing about it in a public venue.

His clock is now officially ticking towards 2 wetsuits and a dildo.