Tuesday, June 7

Recommended Reading

PROFESSOR Stripes notes the difference between the 18th and 21st century for Half-Governor Palin, although the odds of that taking with someone who doesn't understand the difference between modern Israelis and ancient Israelities is probably nil.


arghous said...

"Hey, British -- you're coming! Hey British -- you're coming!" Isn't that how it went?

And since Palin's 'understanding' of the 'ancient Israelites' comes solely from the first chapter of Genesis, scattered verses from Leviticus, and the whole book of Daniel, plus random children's stories, there's not much basis for comparison, anyway.

Oh, and you can have my clanger when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

James Stripes said...

Thanks for the advertisement. My page impression count always shoots up when you send me traffic. This latest Palin flap has stirred quite a mess of commentary, and yet almost no one has observed how much she, all the Tea Partiers, and modern conservatives in general misunderstand that their views of "freedom" and "liberty" are wholly foreign, and likely absurd, to the the eighteenth century men (and women--Abagail Adams certainly had a voice in her hubby's politics) who crafted our political system.

Anonymous said...

IMO those "modern conservative" views are equally foreign and absurd completely (to deploy my first chiasmus ever) in the 21st century as well.