Friday, July 22

Friday Monon Knee Warmers

Nazz Open My Eyes
Ray Charles You Don't Know Me
James Brown Get Up Offa That Thing
Webb Wilder Human Cannonball
Family Spanish Tide
Julie Miller All My Tears
Jane's Addiction Just Because
Iggy Pop Knocking 'Em Down In The City
Spoon Anything You Want
Frank Zappa The Gumbo Variations


James Stripes said...

I listened to Frank Zappa's entire Absolutely Free during my walk yesterday, and then listened to most of it a second time. At first it seems almost impossible to tolerate the cacophony and general circus of the "music," but it grows on me. He keeps coming back to certain riffs, and the themes grow into a unity that reflects pure genius.

I'm telling you because my vegetables think that he was making fun of our relationship.

Fearguth said...

Did I tell you, Doghouse, that I saw Nazz perform live back in '69?