Sunday, December 11

I Still Prefer Coffee, But The Smell Of Desperation In The Morning Does Have Its Attractions

George Eff Will, "Ron Paul, spoiler?" December 9

SO the "conservative" intelligentsia is disconcerted by Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul now? It's like Ford coming out last week to express its concerns over the Pinto.

Eff Will's had four decades to watch this happen to the Republican party, and it's still his party. He can sniff his dissent all he wants to, but it's still his party. The cracked and crackpotted Ronald Reagan was his boy, even as he quadrupled the National Debt, spent ungovernable amounts on big-ticket military gewgaws, permanently entrenched Nixon's Southern Strategy and the government war on guaranteed reproductive freedom, and finalized the multi-national-corporation takeover of government processes. None of these was "conservative" in either the real or the farcical modern sense; none of it did anything but advance the Republican party's electoral interests. Your hatred of FDR did not excuse it, even at the time.

And nothing excuses now the attempts to back away from the results of thirty years of Reaganism, eight years of George W. Bush, or the Gingrich "Revolution". Not that I blame you for trying.

And Ron Paul? Why are facile libertoonians even connected to the Authoritarian party? Because "conservatives" pandered for their votes, thinking those votes would always belong to whatever Reagan clone you wanted them to. The biggest joke in American politics in a generation--okay, the second biggest, after the attempt to turn George Fucking Bush into Commander Flightsuit--is that you people couldn't control your own phony grassroots political movement, and almost let it become a real grassroots political movement (meaning, only, that the redmeat "conservatives" you thought you were stringing along almost elected enough of their own to seriously fuck with you).

Wimper away, George and Dave. But spare us the idea that it's over "principle". You threw those out the window a few thousand miles ago, the better to win elections.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The schaden freudes itself, as I like to say.

bob_is_boring said...

I had never liked to say that before (as it had never occurred to me) but now I like to say it, too -- a lot.

Hats off, sir, to you or from whosoever you gleaned that gem.

Scott Supak said...

On a weedy roadside "a few thousand miles ago" the last few bones of the rotting carcass of the weasel that was GOP "principle" still glimmer in the Philadelphia, Mississippi sun.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Bob, it is possible someone else came up with that first. If so, however, I am unaware of it.

I claim the throne, as it were.