Monday, November 12

The Carousel of History

I AGREE with almost everything Ross Douthat said in his Sunday column, and a good deal of what he said here the day after the election.

We can conclude from this:

1) There was recently a national election in which Republican results did not match Republican's estimation of their self-evident superiority.

2) That we are somewhere between that election and the opening of the next Congress, where the Republican leadership will, within a month, rewrite the story, to Ross' eventual satisfaction. 

The Reagan coalition is dead! Is that not the same Reagan coalition Douthat announced the demise of in 2008?

Anybody happen to see the slightest bit of evidence that Young Ross actually believed this between February 2009, when the Teabag Nation "revolutionized" the Republican party, and two days before the election?  

Takes him until the penultimate paragraph Sunday to allow as how the money men who run the GOP aren't exactly eager to see it revolutionized again. It's interesting how in 2009 few people, and almost no pundits, realized that money called the shots in Republican circles, ain't it?

I will give the man credit: that Day After piece was almost poignant in its description of the near-unanimous Republican conviction that the Obama Presidency was self-evidentally a failure. 

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