Friday, August 25

Happy Birthday

Walter Crawford Kelly, Jr.

August 25, 1913--October 18, 1973


palolo lolo said...

If he thought he had a lot of material to work with back in the 50's and 60's,he
would have OD'd in the 80's and 90's. Now he'd just shake his head-how do you draw insanity?

spaghetti happens said...

Albert: Pogo, when I tells you a poem, don't stop an' say she ain't RHYMIN' up right ...

Pogo: Well, I ain't gone MAKE 'em rhyme jest 'cause I is yo' secretary.

Albert: THAT, dagnab it, sir, IS A CLEAR NEGLECT OF DUTY. I isn't after weasly rhymes! I is after BEAUTY!

Pogo: Congratulations. The best one yet!

Albert: What is?