Tuesday, August 22

Heppy Both Day (I Bekked a Kekk)

George Joseph Herriman
August 22, 1880--April 25, 1944


Porlock Junior said...

Another Rembrandt.
I mean, that is one fine self-portrait.

MikeEss said...

“Krazy Kat” was truly one of the most bizarre, yet fascinating comic strips ever. Absolutely original, highly influential, irreplaceable.

I have a book of his "Krazy Kat" work which I treasure...

Harriman faced a lot of the ugliest aspects of American society of the time, but made humor all could appreciate. A true American…!

jackd said...

I've also got a hardbound collection of Krazy Kat from, I think, 1917 - reprinted in the early 1990's. It's a continued source of amazement and joy to me that my daughter used to enjoy my reading them to her when she was five and six years old.