Friday, July 6

The Lottery Song

OF the four times I heard the London Underground derailment (aka, Darn, It Wasn't Terrorism) story on teevee yesterday (CNN, NBC, two locals) roughly 100% mentioned the fact that it was just two days from the anniversary of the Tube bombings as one of the many excellent reasons widespread panic should jump the Pond and infect a bunch of people who've never even seen a subway. Are terrorists a particularly superstitious lot? Or heavy into numerology? Is this the sort of useful tidbit we picked up at Gitmo, or from reading everybody's emails? If we're going to go in for the whole News Via Nostradamus bit, can't we come up with something better than "two days before?" Divide by 7-7? Find a planet with a mean orbit of 9-11 days? "Well, Bob, authorities point out that while it turned out to be a car backfiring, it wouldn't have been surprising if it had been a terrorist attack, since 911 squared plus the number of letters in Saddam Hussein's name, divided by...oh, this just in. Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy, and Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln."


obscurifer said...

Well, I'd suggest they might be into [Q|K]aballa[h], but that's based on Jewish lore, and everyone *knows* that all terr'ists are anti-Jewish Islamofascists.

Poicephalus said...

I love it. Like they need some justification (numerological or otherwise) to spark the frenetic media bedwetting.

Buttermilk Sky said...

Re obscurifer: Is Michael Chertoff Jewish? Because his "gut" has told him to expect Big Evil this summer. If he's been working the Kaballah numerology, he should say so.