Tuesday, July 17

Now, George, Let's Not Be Too Hasty.

CNN: Senator Voinovich tells Karl Rove Bush legacy "on the line" in Iraq.

SPEAKING on condition of anonymity, top aides of the Ohio Republican have revealed that the frank discussion with the President's top political advisor has emboldened him to take other steps without regard for how long it's been since they might have done some good. "We're going to let the chips fall where they may," Voinovich is reported to have told his staff, and is said to be weighing a warning to Michael Richards that ranting about "niggers" could be detrimental to his career, urging the San Diego Chargers to draft "someone other than Ryan Leaf", and has assigned staffers to find a way to "gently convince" the Elvis Presley estate that he might be abusing prescription drugs and eating improperly. A proposal to recommend that citizens of Johnstown move upstream with all due haste has been tabled for now. "That's more of a Pennsylvania problem," sources said. "Besides, we don't think rushing into something like that serves much of a purpose."

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heydave said...

Does this insincerity make my ass look big?