Saturday, October 13

Just Explain One Thing To Me

HOW, in 2007, do we come to write "an all-white jury" acquitted eight defendants in the Michael Lee Anderson case?

Because, god help me, you don't have to explain the rest of it.


kate said...

How? Because not only is this country inherently racist and tending toward an inability to empathize on any level with anyone non-white, but also due to the same antipathy and the racist assumption that all criminal defendants must be the 'other'. No reasonable funds are allocated to DA's offices that will keep competent attorneys on staff for very long.

Also, forensics examiners are on the average incompetent or lazy or both as well as criminal investigators, especially when dealing with a non-white victim.

Its been shown over and over and over again. The OJ case was a very public example.

I hope the family is able to get a federal case heard and at least get some semblance of justice.

God Bless America! The land of the many not free.

Cynthia said...

Kate's right. Most people I know assume that if someone is arrested that they must be guilty else they wouldn't have been arrested. That goes double if your skin is darker than medium ivory.