Friday, April 4

The Most Amazing Thing I've Seen In Politics In Fifty Years, No, Really.

AND it's not Barack Obama's campaigning in Indiana, or Dr. Woody Myers' surprisingly well-oiled Congressional campaign (he's running against Andre Carson, the winner of last month's special election, and several other strong contenders in the Democratic primary) plastering the local airwaves with ads that make it sound like he's running against George W. Bush. No, it's Dan Burton, the Watermelon Man, forced to buy teevee time in the primaries. [Caution: sepia-toned mawkishness ahead]

Rest assured that the population of his gerrymandered Republican sinecure hasn't suddenly taken leave of its senselessness over his politics; what's finally sent voters over the edge was the fact that they couldn't complain about Julia Carson's attendance record as she lay dying of cancer because Danny's wasn't any better. In fact his primary challenger makes a big deal of the fact that Burton missed an opportunity to vote for a resolution opposing an "early withdrawal" from Iraq. In fact the only thing that keeps this from being ultimately depressing is the secure knowledge that he'll latch on with some DC law firm instead of moving back here.


heydave said...

I'm sorry, I know you printed something after you posted that video, but my eyes misted up so badly after viewing it that I couldn't read clearly.

Lalita said...

If they replaced Dan with a brotha, this would have been the trailer for a BET movie of the week.

Bad Black woman. Bad, terrible, Black woman.

FiniFinito said...

It all makes sense now. The beatings he caught as a child must have drain bamaged him into the man he is today. Daddy didn't love Danny enough, thats why Danny turned to carrying golf clubs to bootstrap his way out of the ghettos of Hamilton County. Now, everytime he is reminded of his father and those beatings he took, he has to flee to the farthest golf resort he is still welcome at.