Tuesday, April 1

It's Like The 7th Circle of Hell, But With Festival Seating!

Indianapolis Racist Star:
Concert lineups are set for Rib America Festival, Aug. 29 to Sept. 1 at Military Park in downtown Indianapolis.

Peter Frampton, former Styx vocalist Dennis DeYoung, Ted Nugent and .38 Special will be the headliners at the 13th edition of the food and music festival set for Labor Day weekend.

DeYoung's performance Aug. 30 will follow the annual Skyconcert fireworks at White River State Park.


Scott C. said...

Domo arigato for nothin', Mr. Roboto.

Doug said...

Domo arigat . . O MY HEART!

Still though, ribs; mmmm. But, I don't think I'm up for scoping out underage Wang Dang Sweet Poontang with the Nooge.

KathyR said...

You are totally making that up. You have to be.

heydave said...

As the kids say: OMG!

When even your former band members peg you for an overbearing, preening, egotistical farce, with not much to say but significant amounts of money to but the time to say it over and over...

Ding! Ding!

You're an asshole, Dennis!

scott said...

Dennis might very well be an asshole but I don't think Mr Riley here was referring to that when he was taking a potshot at the lineup.

Insufferable Music Snobbery is a tough cross....for us...to bear in somebody who otherwise is a fine person. And alas, Mr Riley has IMS to which there is no known cure.

Tracy said...

There must some sort of law requiring rib festivals to book geezer rock bands - our local rib festival has booked REO Speedwagon and Foghat.

heydave said...

Ribs AND Foghat?

My own case of IMS actually has a weak spot (and no fontanel jokes, please) for lonesome Dave and the boys. Where is this fest of which you speak, Tracy?

heydave said...

Never mind, I just used the interwebs to find out they'll be in Pittsburgh.

And that Lonesome Dave died some years ago. *sigh* I'd better get back to work, I'm already bummed.

Tracy said...

Actually, my local is Naperville, IL. I'm disappointed to hear someone else is getting such quality tunes.

And yeah, Lonesome Dave is dead, but that hasn't stopped them. According to foghat.net, it's the original drummer, the longtime bassist, and two ringers.

heydave said...

Naper? I spend some time in both Woodridge and Bolingbrook.

Some (few) fond memories of that previous life involved me and my younger son, at a time when he thought going to the hardware store (again) with me was a truly fun thing.

Jaye Ramsey Sutter said...

Domo arigato was blasting out at us a few nights back at a new, promising fish/bar and my long suffering husband told the owner barkeep that he would put a fork in his own eye and shut the place down for the night if that fucking song was not immediately removed.

Speaking of the husband, he is currently in surgery to have the hernia from hell repaired. And why the hell does the goddamn Good Morning America have to blast through the waiting room. It has got to be some sort of agreement with the hospital and an anti nausea medication company. I know it makes me more nervous.

And don't forget that bitch's cell phone with Gloria Estephans dance music louder than a landing plane at the other end of the waiting room.