Monday, March 31

Okay, I Take Back Everything I've Said About the Royals, and Doctor Who, And I'll Take That Stuff About The Beckhams Under Advisement.

GREAT weekend to be an invalid with free Showtime, as Tracey Ullman's State of the Union debuts, Sundance plays David Buckland's Art from the Arctic, and the previous season of Top Gear makes it to BBC America. I'm sure the kids will have them up on the YouTube at some point.

Really, it's one thing for British car shows to be smarter than our car shows; it's quite another that they're smarter than our news programs.

(Tracey's 5AM Buffalo news anchor, looking over copy for Today's Top International Stories: "Oh, Paris Hilton miscarried in Dubai! So sad.")

Me, I've been climbing stairs since Saturday, used the cane instead of crutches since I got home, and can now sleep on my stomach again, which is what I'm heading upstairs to do more of.


LittlePig said...

Well if Showtime can improve your outlook on life that much I might have to reconsider it. :)

I'm glad the convalescence is proceeding so well, particularly re the sleeping part. I know I find sleeping on my back miserable.

heydave said...

Just don't think about sleeping on my stomach!


D. Sidhe said...

Um, you can... Oh, never mind.

Glad you're doing well. :-)

KathyR said...

Glad you're mending.

I haven't slept on my stomach since I was young and flexible. The very idea makes my back hurt.

D. Sidhe said...

Sleeping on my stomach again was the best part of getting the tits bobbed. Well... I mean, seeing my feet again was nice. And being able to buy bras from places other than extremely sophisticated fetish magazines catering to men. So, okay, not the best part. But it was sure close to the top of the list.