Wednesday, March 19

The Audacity of Cluelessness

I watched Senator Obama's speech at YouTube!, where this comment was high up enough to catch my eye without scrolling:

The best! He represents the next generation. Goodbye 60's and babyboomers, hello playstation (or Wii) generation :-D.
Which to many of us educated in a previous century may seem a curious way to celebrate a speech limning American diversity, but which I myself see as a golden opportunity to welcome our new I've Spent My Entire Life In Front Of A Screen, Thumbing Things overlords.


Scott C. said...

I like your version of Liberal Fascism better. In fact, if Jonah had just put out a Tijuana Bible with a Hitler mustache, I would've bought two.

And best of luck on the impending procedure, Doghouse. Like D., I hope you won't feel shy about posting dispatches from the purple haze of post-operative hydrocodone...Speaking from experience, venting can actually have an analgesic effect, speen being the opiate of the blogger.

Jaye Ramsey Sutter said...

The last time I heard someone say that a political figure was "new" and "improved" they were talking about Ross Perot. And that worked out very well, didn't it?

Well, and of course the fact that this is all sounding like a twisted form of fascism, isn't it? I mean wasn't Hitler the answer, too?

Anonymous said...

SO I tried to "+" the "view" of the Liberal Fascist to read the letters which looked like they formed words abve the pic. NO good. Hey, they do that all the time on CPI, and the screen AUTOMATICALLY focuses the in-betweenie pixels into magnificent 20-20, even from a spy satellite orbiting Uranus. AH well, guess I'm not one of those whippersnapper SMELIFOAScreenOverlords after all. And all this wasted time spent in blog commentary. Now it's too late for me. And then you die.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll pass from this preterite life whilst lucky enough to have been injected with that ecstatic speen-opiate I hear tell of.

Meanwhile, Doggie Dearest, WHAT'S THE LIB-FASC SAYING?

His (X) mark


fiver said...

Please, for the love of all things good and decent, don't make judgements about my generation based on It's like judging babyboomers by something they scrawled on the wall of a gas-station bathroom while they were drunk.

fiver said...

Crap, I screwed that up. That's us tech-savvy youngins for ya. To summarize: Youtube comments are always inexplicably stupid, regardless of the generation one come's from or the gaming system one uses.

angryyouthblog said...

Youtube comments are where the internet and the public violently collide.

But you're still stereotyping.