Friday, March 21

A plus ça change Is Gonna Come.

Okay, But Are You Really Sure?
Wright brought Obama to Christianity, officiated at his wedding, baptized his daughters...

-Nedra Pickler, AP

Wright baptized Obama's daughters; he officiated at Obama's wedding...

-Brian Ross and Rehab el-Buri, ABC

Wright baptized Obama's daughters; he officiated at Obama's wedding.

-Jonah Goldberg

Obama's relationship with Wright is a deep one. Wright officiated at the wedding of Obama and his wife, Michelle, baptized their two daughters...

-Scott Helman, Boston Globe

Garrett: OK. Were you and Michelle married there and did Rev. Wright preside?
Obama: Yes.
Garrett: Were your two daughters baptized there and did Rev. Wright preside over the baptisms?
Obama: That is correct, Major.

-interview with Major Garrett of FNC, quoted at vlemx news

he and his wife were married there and their daughters baptised

-Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian UK

married his wife there, and had his children baptized there

-Kevin Drum

...he didn’t just “marry his wife” there. Wright married them. And the Obama daughters were passively baptized at Trinity. Wright baptized them.

-Kurt Schulzke at I Perceive

Barack HUSSEIN Obama  was married by the minister of this church, his kids were baptized in this church

-sharprightturn, cutting to the chase

LESSEE, Senator Obama says "I was married there; my daughters were baptized there" as a means of emphasizing his connection to Trinity Church, something he was being baited to downplay. This, then, is somehow picked up and parroted as though someone who is married in a church is more of a member than than someone who elopes to Vegas, and as though having the pastor of your church baptize your daughters is just one of many options the young urban couple might avail themselves of (like having the local lifeguard do it, perhaps, or ordering the Home Hot-Tub Baptismal Kit from Ron Popeil). Then his own admission turns somehow sinister...not just a member, MARRIED THERE! as though the Right was prepared to ignore simple God Damn America pew-filling until it discovered Holy Matrimony had been besmirched in the process. Children's ice cream, Mandrake!  Then we're in full I Told You He Was A Muslim mode.

It's like a cosmic game of Telephone, except you're playing for money and the house is crooked.


Doug said...

"It's like a cosmic game of telephone, except you're playing for money and the house is crooked."

One day I'm gonna use that. Probably without attribution.

Brendan said...

There's no shortage of Doghouse lines about which I feel the exact same way.

Mr. Riley, you'd better form your own branch of the RIAA, RSN.

¡El Gato Negro! said...

Sly chaos mickey moth telephone, accept her paying money and the owl's crooked.

Children's ice cream, Mandrake!