Friday, October 3

Please Stand By

I'M not sure what exactly happened to the page layout here.  I was just trying out a floating width scheme, or whatever you call it, and then the browser crashed, and the file with what I imagined to be the old saved template--which I had been led to believe I hadn't changed yet anyway--turned out to be some sort of Blade Runner fanboy scheme, and when I went to get rid of that it turned out that the most recent New and Improved Blogger wouldn't return me to the old, original template--minus my carefully considered color combinations--unless I signed on to the New and Improved Blogger, which process wipes out the rest of what formatting had survived to that point.  So now I'm just glad the thing is not in Hindi.  I guess I'll find the time to fix it sometime soon; I was previously engaged in trying to find out where all my winter clothing has gone since last winter, which you might figure could wait, but then I realize that if I stop it might be six weeks before I start up again, and you don't.  Meanwhile, I don't complain about every little inconvenience with Blogger--it's fuckin' free, dude--but for the life of me I can't understand why every time they execute another suite of Improvements, which always turn out to be somewhat short of Earth shaking, usually more like earth piling, one is forced to sign on, figure out where they've hidden the HTML this time, and change it all back again.  I know, I know:  I was educated in a previous century.  Back then, all the telephones were black, didn't buzz incessantly while you were trying to carry on a conversation, and your fellow citizens couldn't carry them into bookstores where the half of the conversation they subjected total strangers to, at volumes approaching those formerly reserved for calling lost animals, raised the question of what a complete illiterate was doing in a bookstore, anyway.


heydave said...
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heydave said...

I'm just glad it wasn't me; I found precious little excuse to misbehave during the "debate" last night, damaging myself for a protracted period, and was pretty sure my meds were properly adjusted for daylight.