Friday, October 31

Joe The Stand-Up Comedian

“All right guys, I didn’t prepare anything,” Mr. Wurzelbacher said at a rally at the Washington Park gazebo in Sandusky. “The only thing I’ve been saying is just get out and get informed. I mean, really know what you’re talking about when you’re talking about it. Don’t take everyone’s opinions. I came to my own opinions by research. Get involved in the government. That way we can hold our politicians accountable and take back our government. It’s all ours.”

Can't compete. Have a good weekend.


Jamaican Democrat said...

You are so right that you weren't prepared. You were just caught as a puppet by the Republician ticket. Why don't you go get licensed and try to start your own buiness and I guarantee you, you will not be making $200,000 without proper education and license. I can promise you McCain/Palin will not remember you after November 4th. Geton with your life Joe.

stringonastick said...

He did research on what he's been spewing? Considering how wrong he was about the differences in the tax plans of both candidates, especially in how they affected HIM, I'd say he either can't do research or he's a moron. I'm leaning to the latter; a moron who is about to find that the GOP doesn't return his phone calls anymore.

Doug said...

I wonder how long before he appears in a porn movie. He seems to be the Jeff Gillooly of the election to Palin's Tonya Harding.

Anonymous said...

Re: Mr Wurstelblucher --

(1) Are we all that sure he's not recycled "Jeff Gannon?"

(2) As an astute recent blogger wrote, counseling those buddy-buddy journalists who like to think they're pals with politicians, advisement which applies to "Joe" as well: "also, the strippers, y'know, don't really like you either."

His (XX) double-X


isabelita said...

Pah. He should be known as Joe the Tax Welsher. What a fricking idiot.

dave said...

Shorter Newt Gingrich from his "This Week" appearance: "*Sob* Can't you Democrat bastards just leave Joe ALONE!? *Sob*"

heydave said...

Even rookie plumbers know not to inhale the drain cleaner.