Saturday, November 1

Punk Bonzai #16

UPDATE: So, I knew that earlier Punk Bonzai posts didn't have labels, since they pre-dated labeling in Blogger and I've been too lazy to go back and catch everything up, so I went to do that and discovered that earlier pics had been posted to my old host and weren't there anymore. And then I discovered they weren't on my present array of hard drives, either, which is somewhat surprising since I've kept every scrap of paper that's ever crossed my hands. They were on an old machine, so I dug 'em out, but by that time it seemed to make more sense to just repost 'em. 

Punk Bonzai #1: Meadow Sage (Dharma for Cows):

Notable as the first Punk Bonzai, for the absence of anything resembling a tree, and for the fact that my Poor Wife, thrilled at finding a bag of plastic cows, but somewhat disconcerted by the color combination of White and An Orange Not Found In Nature, Possibly Originating as One of Bill Gates' Shirt-Sock Combinations in High School, sanded and re-painted them all as Holsteins. 

Punk Bonzai #4: Last Prom (This Accident Could Have Been Prevented):

I never got the shot right; you can barely make out the driver on the hood, or his nearby date's skirt and matching shoes pointing upwards, and I think the paramedic is actually a milkman. My wife refuses to prune that oddball root thing. Pics of PB7: Funeral (Ode to Stephen Dowling Botts), which took advantage of a juniper that drowned and some HO scale earthmoving equipment, are missing and can't be recreated until I kill something else, and Indianapolis Power and Light remains a virtual work, since I can't bring myself to hack a V into an innocent tree just for a joke.


stringonastick said...

My husband occassionally harasses me for having too many houseplants. I think I've just found a new source of inspiration that just might change his mind; thanks!

Jaye Ramsey Sutter said...

I feel better than James Brown after viewing this. It completely expresses my ennui and post election sadness. I am glad as hell it is nearly over, but the new hell of the new administration will begin--cabinet second guessing, idiotic cabinet picks, election night without Dan Rather. It really is too much to bear.

yellojkt said...

What a cool feature. I want to see the rest of them now.

map106 said...

I find it rather heartening that someone so "over the top" subversive is spending his days in Indiana.

D. Sidhe said...

Beyond awesome. I am hugely entertained. And inspired!

jackd said...

More subversive art! Especially involving the ancient oriental art of tree torture.