Tuesday, November 18

Beyond Belief


"Because I'm not sayin' that he is or anything, but some Evangelicals think he is, and so does some religious crank who wasn't even funny when she was on Saturday Night Live, which is now so long ago that she's the only one who remembers it. But just in case you might think Evangelicals are some organization of Bronze Age nutjobs who talk to invisible Jews, there's also one who doesn't believe it, although he is collecting all the evidence so that people can make informed decisions on their own."

Y'know, the Third of the ten amendments which constitute our Bill of Rights guarantees that soldiers shall not be quartered in private property in peacetime without the consent of the property owner.  This somehow is not taken as an excuse for major "news" magazines to print the pathological ravings of some guy who thinks Obama's gonna teleport undead zombie Redcoats into his attic while he's asleep. 


HelenWheels said...

That is mind-blowing. I can't believe she legitimized that group of fanatical loonies by writing this piece of crap article. I am heartened, tho, by the fact that the overwhelming majority of the comments are excoriating her and Newsweek, as they should.

b said...

Is there a key for the portraits on the left? I get Django and Peter Sellers and maybe Josephine Baker, and that one guy could be that comedian who had the cocaine fire, but who are the rest? Some of them look familiar.

Sator Arepo said...

Newsweek has lost all credibility. Any editor that would let this go to press is either

1) an idiot, or

2) an ideologue not worthy of their position in the media.

Unbelievable. How low can we go?

cavjam said...

Apparently, newsweek has emblazoned in brass above its portl the Mencken quote about underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

BTW, the Sign of the Beast, not that there is such a thing, is probably 616. That's the problem with drawing conclusions from rotted papyrus.

re the pictures - they're all beautiful; and they all share that lonely madness of artistic genius born of not really giving a damn about the herd's approval.

Grace Nearing said...

RaptureReady.com? That's priceless.

b: It took me some time but I finally identified Richard Thompson in the sidebar -- and I'm a Thompson fan! It's just that I'm so used to him as a mostly bald middle-aged guy who wears berets. I must say, Thompson has improved with age.

I also got Doug Kenny, Patti Smith, and Johnny Rotten (great autobiography, IMO) before I started cheating by right-clicking.

Anonymous said...