Saturday, November 15

Rest Easy

Indianapolis Racist Star:
Butler bulldog mascot costumes found; 4 men arrested

4 arrested in theft and abuse of Butler's bulldog costumes

By Kevin O'Neal
Posted: November 15, 2008

The battered remains of Butler University's pilfered bulldog costumes have been found, a mess of foam and fabric damaged beyond repair.

A team of investigators from three police agencies broke the case this week, and the four men they say are behind the mascot crimes face felony charges of burglary and theft....

Butler police, led by Sgt. Alan Criswell and assisted by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security's Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center, a consortium of law enforcement agencies, eventually cracked the case.

Emphasis mine, in case you were wondering.


joyful Alternative said...

State Homeland Security called to locate a stolen mascot uniform? Is there no actual crime in Indianapolis?

map106 said...

I'm just wondering if they tased anyone?

map106 said...

Of course, that shouldn't be a question, in more ways than one.

D. Sidhe said...

Felony costume theft! And we can't even *pay* anyone to investigate George Bush's war crimes.

Considering the utter breakdown of the criminal detention system, I wonder if the law & order "prison rape, hur hur," types will consider these guys had it coming to them. I understand that a crime is a crime, but I sometimes think about people who get busted for things that are little more than pranks when I hear the nastily self righteous jokes.

Completely off topic, Doghouse, thanks for the advice with the kittens. I clipped claws all around and stopped trying to distract them every time they started growling, and the older cat seems to genuinely be relaxing a lot. She swipes when they come too close, hisses when they sneak up on her, but is mostly just establishing *her* spots in an apparently harmless way. It's working pretty well, amazingly. It took months to get to this point with the two older cats probably because I kept dragging them apart every time they got their backs up, which goes to show I'm an idiot. Also, I switched out catnip for honeysuckle, since catnip seems to make Iala more aggressive, even if she likes it better.

Doghouse Riley said...

Thanks for the update, D. After I hit send I was struck down with embarrassment for having hijacked a thread and I never went back.

Glad it's working, and I hope it continues to, which I think you can expect. I've always found it to be a good program when a younger cat is introduced into a household, to always side with the older cat. It reassures the older cat, and the younger one doesn't have any hard feelings about you taking sides because he's never known any different. Stinky gets the preferred sleeping arrangements, he gets fed first, if he shows interest in a toy I play with him and make Larry take leftovers.

RIght now she's just establishing what she will and won't put up with from the kittens (and dealing with their constant energy). If the time comes when you have to separate them, take the kittens away from the cat, not vice-versa; everybody'll be happier. But realize that young cats will always be testing their place in the social hierarchy, usually with play-fighting, unless you've got remarkably placid cats, and it's healthy.

And catnip is an intoxicant when inhaled and a tonic when eaten, so you can give whole catnip if that's what she likes, rather than a catnip toy. She may be aggressive for a bit but she'll settle down and probably sleep it off in short order.

D. Sidhe said...

Hah, I hijack threads all the time. Rarely feel embarrassed about it, aside from IRC (and talking to myself) blog comment threads are my major social interaction, so who else am I gonna ask?

I do side with the older pets naturally, I admit, just because I know them better and we've been friends longer and, well, they're older and can handle less change. But I figured part of that was grabbing them and holding them to keep them away from the little upstarts. Which I realize now just prolonged the territorial disputes.

I learn new things every day. So everybody's finding favorite retreats, and things are settling down. The little girl cat has even decided she doesn't mind being held now that she knows it's not a prelude to a bath. Yay!

heydave said...

I like dags.

heydave said...

Ooh, even bulldogs!

A stolen, yet not stolen, thread...