Friday, November 14

Last Kiss

Potted maple shows off (for forty-eight hours).
Hostas are not usually part of the fall show, so we're grading on a curve.
Vines and the baby-shoe windchimes somebody thought was funny.
Autum-blooming clematis gone to seed.


Spirula said...

Very nice photos.

The baby-shoe wind chimes bother me though. I imagine them sounding like baby cries. There's a short story in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Ah, clematis seed-clusters... always captivating to see. I've never seen the autumn-blooming ones before, thanks. They look like attentuated sea-stars.

In one of the Patrick O'Brien books, the physician-and-naturalist hero Stephen Maturin says that leaves in autumn are nudged off their twigs partly by the growth of next year's leaf buds beneath. I was just out in the warmish, misty dusk blowing wet leaves down the driveway, thinking about all that sun-power, water-strength, tree-power being taken away to the town compost heaps when the leaf-collection truck comes. I would like to be composted when I shuffle off my leaves, but I don't suppose it's permitted anywhere. Since I've never contributed seed, it would be the most productive way to go.

Li'l Innocent

ltd optimist said...

I'm with spirula. At first sight, I thought "How interesting." Then I started wondering about what happened to the babies and families they belonged to. Creeps me out.