Sunday, October 31

Hey, We Waited Until Paragraph Twelve. That's The Patience Of Job In Journalism Terms.

James Hohmann and Marin Cogan in Politico's Stewart Rally coverage:
Most signs fit with the happy-go-lucky ethos of the rally, but others were crude. One sign had Hitler mustaches on pictures of Sarah Palin, Eric Cantor, Glenn Beck and John Boehner. The message said, “Afraid yet?” This is particularly insulting to Cantor, who is Jewish and in line to become House Majority Leader if Republicans win next week.

OKAY, assuming this is so--and nobody ever says that Hitler mustaches are particularly offensive to Barney Frank or Doogie Howser, or that that Goldberg book is particularly offensive to descendants of the liberals who fought in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade--shouldn't Hitler mustaches on anyone, other than Hitler, Charlie Chaplin, and maybe that guy from Sparks, be particularly offensive to Eric Cantor? (And, granted, he's complained about Limbaugh. I'm not knocking Cantor. I'm sayin' maybe it would be easier for the guys from Politico to keep it in their pants if they learned how a zipper works.)


loretta said...

Sort of reminds me of yesterday morning when I was listening to Weekend Edition on NPR and they played a bit of a campaign rally by some guy running for congress in South Carolina (the district that covers Charleston and Myrtle Beach) and he said something about "Southern Values."

I thought, wtf are "southern values?" and would any of us up here in the Union describe our values as "Northern?"

If anyone needs reminding that the south is still fighting the civil war, there ya go.

Hitler mustaches? That's the least of our concerns.

cavjam said...

a) So much for Jews having an innate sense of humor.

b) Why are Jews entitled to be more offended than anyone else? Weren't the Commies and trade unionists (I know, I know; same difference) the first to be rounded up?

c) I coulda swore Jon Stewart vas Jewish.

d) I'm thinkin' Hitler's moustache is offended at being on Sarah Palin.

M. Krebs said...

Where do they find these people? You know, the people like James Hohmann and Marin Cogan who write for Politico. And it's not just there. They're everywhere. Seriously, where do they come from?

StringonaStick said...

So, the irony in the "afraid yet?" poster totally escaped from that particular swinger's skull; I'm so past being surprised anymore I wonder why my heart still beats.

And if they want to get into an offensive poster tit for tat, there are any number of teabagger rallys with some seriously obnoxious, not ironic statements on them. I know, I know, that was months ago, and therefore no longer relevant, unless of course it is a liberal poster and then it is burned into the rock of ages for the perpetual butthurt factor. They just don't like having their pants-pissing fear made fun of, it kinda takes out the patriotic flavor they like to cower behind.