Wednesday, November 10

This Week On As Succinct As Riley Ever Gets

A country which listens to anything George W. Bush has to say--about Kanye West, Sarah Palin, a pig's pickled fetus, or anything else--is clearly doomed. What, then, of one that listens to him simply because someone's paid to get him another five minutes of fame public idiocy?


jtnRN said...

I would like to think that this is the same as stopping to watch a fatal accident, or seeing a three headed calf fetus in a jar, but I no longer have that much faith in Americans.

grouchomarxist said...

Now that the 2012 campaign season has officially begun, expect to see a lot more Shrub nostalgia oozing from the media. Especially the contrast between his manly resolve and Obama's flighty dithering.

Ok, sure, his unwavering convictions left a trail of flaming, radioactive wreckage in his wake, but at least you knew where you stood with the guy!

And of course, the Village concensus that the only way that Obama can measure up to Bush's manly proportions will be by making deep cuts in social programs or expanding the Global War Against Anyone Who Looks at Us Cross-Eyed. Or better yet, both.

heydave said...

One says that one's born every minute.