Tuesday, May 22

Questions For Review

1) Supposing you are the mayor of Newark, New Jersey, or the governor of its comparably noxious-smelling state. Does this suggest that you should have better things to do with your fucking time than tell the President how to do his job? 

2) Speaking of Chris Christie, he is frequently mentioned as a possible running mate for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Would this be a good time to make "shoveling snow" one of the duties of the Vice President?

3) Eight years after Mitch Daniels elevated Legislative back-marker Becky "GED" Skillman to prominence as his running mate, designated successor Mike Pence has tapped freshwomyn Representative Sue Ellspermann as his Lt. Governor. What chronic, debilitating, but symptomless diseases are left for her to contract so Republicans can run another man in 2016? 


Both Sides Do It said...


TM said...

"Philosophical Sepsis?"

John of Indiana said...

"What chronic, debilitating, but symptomless diseases ..."


Steve said...

Excuse me, my state does not stink any more than Indiana does, just our foul politicians do, as do yours. We knew the fat boy was a rancid asshole. It's kind of a shame, but not much of a surprise, that the baby-saving hero is as well.