Sunday, May 20

There, But For The Grace Of God, Goes God

CHANNEL 13 investigative reporter Sandra Chapman finds Indiana state agencies pay $1.8 million in late-payment fees for last year, up from $1 million the year before. Chapman asks worst-offending agencies for comment, is turned down. Chapman asks state audior for comment, is turned down, and directed to governor's office. She asks the governor's office for an interview, is turned down. Finds the Guv at a statehouse function, and asks him for comment. The fun begins around 4:48.

Note that this is the guy many Republicans wish was running instead of the animated corpse of Mitt Romney. Note that his reputation rests on his economic Big Brainedness; here a million taxpayer dollars is small potatoes. (It's $1.8 mil, Shorty; one mil was last time. Maybe that's the start of the problem.) 

Note, too, that some part of this hissy fit is generated because Chapman didn't get an official interview granted, and presumes to point a microphone at the Great Man and ask a question that isn't flattering, or a puffball served underhand.

Note that this is the Mitch Daniels we saw in Indiana for his first six months in office, before his handlers spirited him away and put an end to extemporaneous displays.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Congratulations to Sandra Chapman and company for showing how journalism should be done.

A shame they'll find little demand for it anymore at places like the Washington Post.

Both Sides Do It said...

It seems like he wants to launch into a Danny Dalton from Syriana type rant about how oil corruption keeps us safe and warm.

"We move this money around so that the ratings agencies can't track it and so we can get the most possible service with the least possible cost. These fees are a cost of doing that necessary business, cupcake, and are one of the girders supporting the structure that let us ponce around in here instead of having to work for a living.

These late fees are why we win."

TM said...

Spikey lil rooster, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Is that like banty rooster? See, I'm showing my age!

scripto said...

Holy shit. A reporter actually reporting. She ain't gonna go nowhere. Next stop announcing the tractor pulls at the farm show.

heydave said...

What a fucking weasel is that boy; love to see that figurative and literal back pedaling!

Mr. Doghouse, I have always loved the way you shared the Wee One with us but found it sometimes hard to believe the Special Dynamics he flaunts.

I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

What an ass. I like how when he starts stabbing his finger at the reporter she doesn't back up so he does until his back is against the pillar and he can't retreat farther. Brilliant.

But to the point, I'm not a politician but I do have a job and when someone comes to me and politely points out a deficiency in my process or something that should be occurring that isn't that I am ultimately responsible for I thank them politely and then go look into the problem or send an underling to do so.

If I were on camera I would be extra special polite, to therefore assuming Daniels isn't completely socially retarded he must be a real dick in regular life. Or an incompetent boob. Or a Republican.

Crossed said...

Finally the wizard machine broke down and he had to come out from behind his cutrain, or off the step stool, same thing.