Wednesday, February 20

A Surfeit Of Loons

Kevin Robillard, "Newt: Rove effort like 'Chicago machine'". February 20

I DON'T know which is better news for the Republic: Karl Rove getting his latest comeuppance ("You're going to need more than one lesson, Mr. Kane.") at the hands of the paint drinkers and snake handlers who are the only reason his party got near enough to power for him to become a household epithet, or the fact that that party is still getting advice from Newt Gingrich.

Or maybe we should thank Politico for keeping the likes of Gingrich and Huckabee alive decades after what little political relevance they once possessed. I spent much of this morning trying to come up with four Democrats who've been as successful at success as those two are at failure. I started with Bill Clinton, and I ended with Bill Clinton.

Let's leave the comedy of Newt Fucking Gingrich complaining about billionaire money deciding Republican races to write itself. It's always important to take notes while the Professor is speaking:
“While Rove would like to argue his ‘national nomination machine’ will protect Republicans from candidates like those who failed in Missouri and Indiana, that isn’t the bigger story. Republicans lost winnable senate races in Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida. So in seven of the nine losing races, the Rove model has no candidate-based explanation for failure."

Lessee…lost Montana 49-45 to incumbent Democrat…lost North Dakota 50-49, incumbent Democrat retired, Republican primary challenge…lost Ohio 50-49 to incumbent Democrat…lost Wisconsin 51-46 after incumbent Democrat retired and Republican primary challenge…lost Pennsylvania 54-45 to incumbent Democrat…lost Virginia 53-47 after incumbent Democrat retired…lost Florida 55-42 to incumbent Democrat. Yeah, those are totally like losing the seat Dick Lugar would have carried by 30 points because the Club for Growth decided to kick him downstairs. And McCaskill was an incumbent, too, except one who was headed for the dump until the party nominated a guy from the spirit world. Good analysis, though. Run with it, Newt. Please. In 2016.


Weird Dave said...

More popcorn please. (I don't even like popcorn. I just want to throw it at them.)

Anonymous said...

One minor correction. The Republicans actually lost the Ohio race 51-45, not 50-49. Sherrod Brown is actually pretty popular here. His opponent was a certifiable Teatard, though.