Friday, March 15

Friday Olio: Wait, There's Still A Republican Party? Edition

• Jeez Louise, it's Politico! It's Maggie Haberman! It's "Does Sarah Palin have a second act?" Which, if nothing else, underlines the need for arts education and adult mathematics competency testing.

Sixteen hundred and sixteen words on the question of the Half-Term Half-Wit's political future. Some of which come from Bill Kristol, others from Newt Gingrich; some of which allude to the supposed power of her Golden Endorsement, none of which actually bother to note that her track record underperformed flipping a coin. None happened to note anything about her record as a political performer on her own, nor the now-evident downside to appearing even stupider than your audience in pursuit of national office.

Naturally, "mama" and "grizzly" snuck in.

Mags? Sarah Palin is an act. Or, if she's to be likened to the theatre, she's a series of one-hour After Home School Specials, all of which ran out of material after twenty minutes. There's no reason to go on for fifteen-hundred words just because you can't say "Shit."

• Yeah, so Rob Portman now tolerates the gays because he's just realized he's related to one. The response--that Rob Portman's soaked up a lot of tax dollars representing a lot of parents with gay sons--is obvious, but it ought to be noted that Portman didn't just oppose legalizing same-sex marriage; he went out of his way to block adoptions and partner benefits. Which suggests that before his own issue changed his mind he didn't really believe gays were human, let alone someone's child.

"Republicans are Divided on Proper Role for U.S. Abroad." Which is demonstrated by the fact that three of them "articulated this in different ways."

I never thought I'd say this, but, y'know, the 2016 race cannot start early enough to suit me. Get Rand Paul on the hustings now, please.


Anonymous said...

The title of that first article could easily be changed to reflect how most people think about her: "Why does Sarah Palin have a second act?"

Anonymous said...

I can only guess the fascination with Palin is that she's such a self-evident grifter that conservatives can't look away. Whether it was Rich Lowry and his sparks or, now, Maggie and Sarah's Second Act.

It's all fun and games until someone loses an election (or ten).


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Who needs a Republican Party when we have Obama?

Fiddlin Bill said...

Bravo on the Portman comment. How come it took personal involvement, when the facts were all there in plain view since before Portman even thought of running for office, much less becoming a Senator. And how come, for that matter, his son even talks to him?

Brian M said...

half wit? Not sure about that. She is (still) earning millions. "Shameless" may be the better term? But "dumb"? She is laughing all the way to the bank.