Sunday, July 14


I KNOW two things about juries: I don't want my life or my liberty decided by one, and I don't want my sense of justice in the hands of one.

I don't think anyone with a sense of the history of this country imagined that justice was going to come out of that Florida jury. Put another way, Trayvon Martin received the full measure of American justice. Yesterday completed it. George Zimmerman is the model American. George Zimmerman is the fucking walking embodiment of America: we've got the gun, and the guy we don't like the looks of is supposed to jump when we say jump. And then, we it all goes wrong, we change the rules, congratulate ourselves on a job well done, and pretend it never happened.

There was never going to be any justice for Trayvon Martin come out of that courtroom. His chance for justice was killed by some mope who wanted to assume the moral superiority of the small-town bully cop, with none of the restraints. If he didn't die a mean and meaningless death, let that be for the one reason that's left him, and his parents: that what should die with him is the witless song and dance about this country being "over" its racist "past". 


R. Porrofatto said...

Amen. The photo of the murdered kid says it all to me. The only thing missing is the poplar tree.

Emma said...

Although I think you’re generally a brilliant writer and a Twain-grade satirist, Mr. Riley, I sometimes have some trouble figuring out what you’re talking about.

This isn’t one of those times.

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Augustus Mulliner said...

Re the previous comment: Congratulations, Doghouse! Looks like Megan McArdle is now a fan.

Sator Arepo said...

Ah; in that case I assume that "cheap blade soul gold" is some kind of fancy salt that costs more than my car.

northierthanthou said...

It's funny. Some defend Zimmerman out of doubts as to his guilt, but a fair portion of the right wing clearly defend him precisely in the hopes that he did exactly what he was accused of doing.

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