Wednesday, October 12

More MSM Lies Exposed! Next Stop: Time's Blog of the Year

Miers Established Reputation As Confidante

By DEB RIECHMANN, Associated Press Writer

Her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Lang-Miers, a justice on the 5th Appellate District Court of Appeals in Texas, said Miers likes to play tennis, run and take in a movie. "She makes a wonderful sweet potato pie," she said. "Many marshmallows. They call it a vegetable, but it's probably more of a dessert."

After spending two days poring over 60s-vintage cookbooks I believe I can state without fear of contradiction that that should read "Mini marshmallows". Damned liars.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. David Brooks would say that this is clear evidence that the MSM is out of touch with red state America. (At least, he would after someone explained it to him. Because I'm willing to bet he's never eaten a sweet potato pie in his life.)
And then someone would have to bury him in a box full of canned onion rings.

I would not vote to convict such a person.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, cannot stomach that she continues the obfuscation of perfectly fine, nice, veggies with sugary preponderance. Next, we'll hear that her squash is always served with brown sugar. Brown fucking sugar!

Anonymous said...

Crap, even her sister-in-law is more qualified. I think George put in even less effort to this nomination than he did to come up with his abominable stem cell policy.

Anonymous said...

But what do we know about her jello salad? What flavor does she use? What does she suspend in said jello? Can you see through it or is it that light creamy green color? We must know before we confirm!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Texas, but my own sainted mother makes sweet potato souffle' with regular marshmallows. And a pecan half on top of each one.

Not to try to trump your 60s-vintage cookbooks Doghouse, but my wife has pulled up the 1942 General Foods "Favorite Recipes for Country Kitchens" retrieved from my grandmother's house. No marshmallows on the pie there. No sweet potato pie or souffle' at all in the reprint of the original 1931 Joy of Cooking. I'll have to ask Mom if she recalls when the marshmallows became part of her recipe.