Thursday, October 13

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Sifu Tweety at The Poorman: Football Analogies.
That was videogame football in a college dorm. It literally couldn’t have mattered any less. But now we have Josh Marshall and Matt Yglesias , among others, playing the same game with the decision to invade Iraq, something that mattered a whole hell of a fucking lot. I wonder, guys: rather than turning any discussion of the run-up to war into imaginary bullshit jam-session time, where everybody competes to craft fantastically elaborate sets of assumptions that WOULD HAVE justified invasion, do you think there’s anything profitable to be gained by examining the mistake you made in the actual world?

Digby: Two Tense Weeks.
This sounds like tin-foil hat conspiracy crapola, but it isn't. There was a concerted, organized propaganda campaign out of Downing Street and the White House to sell the Iraq war. It wasn't bad intelligence. It wasn't even "sexed-up" intelligence. It was lies and propaganda, pure and simple. When Dr Kelly and Joseph Wilson pulled back the curtain in the spring of 2003, the powers that be on both sides of the atlantic played the hardest of hardball.

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