Friday, February 9

Welcome Back

Lemme get this straight. We've lost at least six helicopters in the past month, at least four to ground fire, which is an extremely serious turn of events, and the DoD seems to be at least a week behind on reporting so it could even be more. And the only air transport the Pentagon and the Republican minority in the House are interested in is the Speaker's plane? Explain to me again how it took ten fucking years to return these bozos to minority status.


Anonymous said...

But, but... some full-figured rich white woman has died!

The MSM won't pass on DOD reports, much less do any investigating of their own, as long as there is celebrity news to shriek about.

It's a little easier to see why the Republicans don't want publicity about the fiasco that is Iraq than it is to see why the MSM won't publicize it. Don't any of them have family members in the military, either?

bronco214 said...

I thought the rethugs had Congress for 12 years?!