Friday, August 10

(Even) Better Answers for Mitt Romney

10) They'd already put down a court deposit for summer-league basketball.

9) You know kids. If one goes, then they'll all have to go.

8) It's a religious thing. Historically, we Momons do not fight. We ambush.

7) They're gay.

6) Jeez, if one was wounded he'd wind up in a VA hospital.

5) C'mon. That's for losers.

4) We've considered this matter prayerfully, as a family, and decided to be hypocrites about it.

3) Hey, look! An adorable puppy!

2) Two words: pilonidal cyst.

1) I think the answer's obvious, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

One more:
Hey, we're obscenely wealthy, we don't fight in wars. That's what the peasants are for!

stAllio! said...

i believe #3 should be "hey look, a puppy! i'm going to strap it to the top of my car!"

Anonymous said...

If they were killed, that's 30 grieving widows.

M. Bouffant said...

#8's the best. Mormons, the cult you love to hate.

Anonymous said...

#5, and what Donna says!