Monday, May 5

Next Week: Smith & Wesson Debate Handgun Violence

What: "How to See This Mission Accomplished".

Times Sunday Opinion back page

Intro:  For the fifth anniversary of President Bush’s declaration of the end of “major combat operations” in Iraq, the Op-Ed page asked nine experts on military affairs to identify a significant challenge facing the American and Iraqi leadership today and to propose one specific step to help overcome that challenge.

The Experts:

L. Paul Bremer III
Anthony Cordesman
Gen. Paul D. Eaton, USA (ret)
Nathaniel Fick, Center for a New American Security
Frederick Kagan
Richard Perle
Danielle Pletka
Kenneth M. Pollack
Anne-Marie Slaughter

Ouch.  Quit It: Slaughter, Huffington Post, March 20:

"Hayden's post and many other commentaries surrounding the fifth anniversary of the invasion are a microcosm of the problem with our Iraq policy as a whole. The debate is still far too much about who was right and who was wrong on the initial invasion and far too little about how, in Obama's formulation, to be as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in."


Anonymous said...

If those guys can't give you the straight dope, you ain't getting it.

Wake me when the apocalypse is over.

Anonymous said...

Nine experts on military affairs? Just reading the names made me want to hurl. Give me a break. "Sometimes you have to catapult the propaganda." The top twenty (in the administration) should be in the Hague getting measured for a rope.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- Slaughter (great name for an inexpert military "expert") wants to "stop gotcha politics on Iraq," which means stop hammering her about having been wrong, wrong, wrong.

It's as though an entire generation underwent a bizarre mutagenesis that left them completely devoid of intellectual integrity and a sense of humor. Perhaps both characteristics are co-located to the same gene.