Tuesday, December 1

I (Heart) The Internets

• Brave Hoosier commenter BrianK at Doug Masson's place, encapsulating Indiana's "Democratic" junior Senator's heartfelt concern for the fate of his wife's healthcare industry sinecures fiscal responsibility when the topic is Healthcare Reform, but not Building Bigger Shit To Blow Up Other Shit and the Troops We Deploy To Use Them:

"Bayh’s selective deficit disorder".

SayItWithWookies at Wonkette, on Jon Meacham's Newsweek tree killer "Why Dick Cheney Should Run in 2012":

Come back, Godzilla, we miss you!



• The redoubtable R. Porrofatto, gracing these pages yesterday and being kind enough not to ask why it took me 1000 more words to say this one-tenth as well:

Springsteen ÷ Oakeshott = Red Lobster.

• As always, We (Heart) Charles Pierce:

But, all Lilly Ledbetters aside, it is becoming increasingly plain that the man is not up to the most important job he was elected to do--which is to wring the accumulated viciousness, ignorance, and hackery of the past eight years out of the various parts of the United States government--and to do it brutally, if necessary, which it is. One of our two major political parties has completely lost its mind. This should be a political issue. It is incumbent upon the other party to eliminate that party's influence until it purges itself and comes to its senses again. It also scarcely needs to be said that the sane party has to watch its own ranks for people who seem to be enabling and abetting the goals of the crazy party. Otherwise, as Ezra Klein memorably put it this week, every attempt at bipartisanship winds up as "a hostage negotiation." President Obama--and does anyone but me notice that he gets the honorific conspicuously less often on TV than the last guy did?-- ot only seems unequal to this task, he doesn't even seem to recognize the task at all. He wasn't elected to change the tone, dammit. He was elected to change everything because everything needed to be changed. So it's a hard goddamn job. So what? He didn't know this coming in? Now we're going to feed 34,000 more American kids into the meat grinder in Afghanistan because we're America and we can do anything we set our minds to? Hell, we can't even keep our own citizens alive by breaking the power of the health-insurance industry. We can't right our economy because it's still in the hands of Wall Street grifters, and the government has fallen into the thrall of a bunch of banker-morons I wouldn't trust with a potato gun. Some people needed to be crushed politically. Some people needed to go to jail. Some people needed to be exiled forever from the serious business of self-government. It's Black Friday, and I'm shopping for another candidate. I'm beating the rush.


R. Porrofatto said...

Thanks, but a thousand Doghouse words is always preferred, even about Hoosier flotsam that a New Yawk elitist like myself ordinarily wouldn't touch with a ten ounce latte. Thanks for the excellent Pierce bit, too. I usually forget to check Alterman's site, but I'm a sucker for Wait Wait podcasts where CP's a panelist.

satch said...

Hey...never underestimate the destructive power of a potato gun in the wrong hands.

Anonymous said...

I donno what a potato gun is, but Charles Pierce seems, unfortunately, to be very right ineverything else he said, so I trust him about the potato gun, too.

I'm glad, in a sour, unworthy way, never to have been wholly entranced by Obama. It saves dis-entrancement now. One can't help wondering what Hillary Clinton makes of the current domestic political scene, in that tiny space of private time before she falls into the deep sleep of the overworked, every night.

(Verification word is "untaxo" .. hmm! A call to civil disobedience from the Beyond??)

Li'l Innocent