Friday, July 1

Friday Monon Knee Warmers *

Boz Scaggs Some Change
Deaf School Thunder and Lightning
Frank Black Hang On To Your Ego
Randy Newman It's Money That I Love
The Strangeloves I Want Candy
The Vibrators Stiff Little Fingers
Pere Ubu Flames Over Nebraska
Love My Little Red Book
Kings of Leon Pistol of Fire
The Loud Family Aerodeliria


* Just songs from my iPod Shuffle (4th Generation) that happened along like an old (or really old) friend to give me a little encouragement on the trail.


Chris said...

A Loud Family fan! Scott Miller might make a nice addition to your "Hall of Dynamic Greatness (TM)," eh?

I just got this in the mail Wednesday; I expect it'd be right up your alley:

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Oh I remember most of those...but not Deaf School.

Hard for me not to rate for DThunder and Lightning...Meteorological Humanoids, unite!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Hey Chris! I am a HUGE Loud Family fan also. His prior band, Game Theory, too.

heydave said...

Many of those words appear to be in English.

M. Krebs said...

Bravo for the Randy Newman. I highly recommend his Bad Love album.