Friday, August 24

On The Plus Side, This Would Totally End Our Political Involvement In The Middle East

ONE more time: this blog knows nothing whatsoever about Economics, macro-, micro-, or mini-, and is therefore as justified in calling itself an economist as the majority of economists.

Instead, let us humbly ask, apropos of  the recently released "Energy" "Plan" of "Mitt Romney": th' fuck is so important about "energy independence" when you assure us that everything else in the Magical Economics Realm has just simply got to be globalized? Why don't we shoot for Job Independence? Or Manufacturing Independence? How 'bout we set as a goal complete shipping independence by 2020? Every ship that docks in the United States has to be registered here, and the crew has to be 85% American. Why shouldn't we become Rubber Independent, or Manganese Indepenent? Why shouldn't we produce our own fucking cellphones?

Of course the bigger laugh is that Romney, who is fiscally incapable of independent thought despite being the wealthiest man to ever run for the office, can't even propose, John Kennedy-like, a large-scale government program to accomplish the un-accomplishable. No, he wants to turn the whole thing over to the states, because if there's any government entity that proves how little governments can accomplish, it's the tiresome collection of 18th century fiefdoms and 19th century slavery compromises we call "States".

The fucking states can't teach high school biology to high schoolers. Who do you think is failing to get 12th graders to read at a 6th grade level? And not just because they're incompetent, but because the states are at the mercy of the worst sorts of buffoons in American political life, and its most low-rent grifters. You think the House of Representatives is a strategic reservoir of Stupidity and Cupidity? Good Lord. Chris Christie is the best example of state executive the Republican party could offer. You really wanna put Rick Perry in charge of anything more important than the Texas Bureau of Weights and Calibers? Mitch Daniels would let Federal lands in Indiana go for a penny an acre, plus a $10 million finder's fee and some real hair.

Here's an idea: this is such a bonanza waiting to happen, let the states pay us the assessed value of the resource, minus 10 percent, in cash, and then let 'em do whatever they want with the proceeds.

Deal? Oh, except Wyoming also has to give its Senators back.


synykyl said...
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synykyl said...

Mitt said the states should do that? Isn't that socialism?

BTW, your captcha system is horrible ;-)

satch said...

Mittens LOVES America, he just hates the United States.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Mittens loves captcha. He says it's just the right height.

synykyl said...

Mitt feels the same way about the captcha system as he does about paying his fair share of taxes. He pays people to help him avoid it.

prairie curmudgeon said...

Yeah, what the hell is so strategic about the US depleting the remainder of its fossil fuel reserves to render itself less vulnerable to "foreign" sources?

Christ, and like we are not going to use the buildup of military might under Romney to help our allies get their share (that also impacts our GDP) of those foreign sources?

Do any of these heavy weights in the GOP ever consider that the best strategic move would be to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels? The most courageous move they could make would be to question why it is so essential to sustain the god given American Way of Living. But they don't have to be courageous. Just willing to invest the lives of others' sons in their quest to fall into historical traps.