Wednesday, August 15

That Bowtie Doesn't Really Go With Your Beard

GEORGE Eff Will:
For Romney, conservatism is a second language, but he speaks it with increasing frequency and fluency.
Yeah. He sounded so Reaganesque on that European trip I half-expected a side trip to Bitburg.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Needs a youtuber!

Anonymous said...

Keep polishing that turd, Georgie...he's all yours, and now you're stuck with him. BTW, where are those tax returns??

Anonymous said...

Don't really care about Campbell Brown et al but phrases like

...who is either married to Alan Greenspan, or happened to buy the terrarium he's housed in

keep me coming here. In mockery, sanity! (how can I put that in Latin?)