Wednesday, July 3

Your Victory Celebration Was Gauche. The Only Thing That Will Redeem It Is Giving Up.

Kathleen “Pulitzer” Parker, "Wendy Davis shouldn’t be sainted for her filibuster".  July 2

JEEZ Louise, I was gonna stop-and-frisk this thing, then I realized that this  was quicker and more effective:
The abortion conundrum is further complicated by the dishonesty of our terminology. Simplistic phrases such as “pro-life” and “pro-choice” distort the complexity of how most people feel.

Parker takes 623 words to get there. Here are fifteen of them:

• "a woman’s right to destroy an unborn child"

• "flaxen-haired damsel"

• "Pro-abortion rights folks"

Nope, no complications there.
One may wish to leave unfettered a woman’s right to do anything to herself, even if it means destroying her own offspring, but shouldn’t one be at least somewhat discomfited? 
Instead, we celebrate.
This bit of disingenuousness is forty years old, and for forty years it’s been recognized as disingenuous, but Kathleen Parker thinks it might work if we try it again.

C’mon, it looks like a baby. C’mon, compromise. You can trust us. Look at me. I mean, I’m willing to compromise on gun control. It’s just that that wouldn’t work.


hells littlest angel said...

What really seems to rile Parker is that other people like and respect Wendy Davis. Her intent here is to tease Davis until she develops an eating disorder.

Emma said...

The only problem I’ve ever had with the terminology endemic to the abortion "debate" is the fact that pro-choice people aren’t anti-life; pro-life people are anti-choice. Kind of confusing for the kids, probably.

I also like it that principled conservatives don’t mind that, say, our U.S. American bombs often/always destroy real, born-alive foreign-type people, and we civilians aren't supposed to be bothered by (or even necessarily aware of) it, either. But, by Jove, we’ve got to save those little clots of possibly-viable intrauterine chromosomes! They are entirely sacred — unless, in the event that they emerge from the womb and develop into humans, it transpires that they grow up and enlist in the armed forces.

(Or commit certain kinds of crimes, fair enough.)

Robert M. said...

@Emma: Yeah. I've been arguing for quite a while that the fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives is empathy; Conservatives are engaged in a decades-long effort to pretend that only some people are important, and the sole exercise for their intellectuals (or what passes for an intellectual on the American right) is justifying drawing those boundaries at their current locations.

Or, to pull out a hoary but still-useful chestnut, conservatives firmly believe that life begins at conception and ends at birth.

jonathan peterson said...

I wonder if Parker found Rick Perry's slut-shaming of Wendy Davis gauche as well?

Shwell Thanksh said...

Also 40 years old: somehow failing to explain why she isn't calling for capital murder charges against pregnant women, if she's going to choose that definition.

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