Thursday, March 17

Oh, That Crispus Attucks? Well, That's Different.

I wrote earlier this month about the 50th Anniversary of the Indiana state basketball championship won by Crispus Attucks High School, the first segregated black school to win a state championship anywhere in the country. Their win followed the storied victory of Milan High, as told to America in Hoosiers.

Last year the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame inducted the Milan team. It was the first time a team had been given the honor.

Wait a minute, you're getting ahead of me.

Yep. No such plans this year, until today, after local teevee news got wind of the story and aimed the kleig lights at another dark corner in the state's history. No reports on what they found scurrying around, but plans have changed rather abruptly and there'll be an induction dinner March 23. That's four days after the anniversary, but you know how hard it is to book a caterer on short notice.

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