Wednesday, October 12

Judy Judy Judy

I've mentioned the work that Emptywheel has been doing at The Next Hurrah on the Plame case. He had an interesting piece yesterday concerning some peculiar Corrections which have appeared in the Times the last couple of years that revolve around Judy Miller. One in particular caught my eye:
Correction: July 30, 2005, Saturday...The article also misstated the month in 2003 that the special prosecutor in the case said that another reporter, Judith Miller of The New York Times, talked to a specified government official. It was July, not June.
This is the meeting which in fact was in June and which Judy has suddenly found notes on which had her testifying again yesterday.

Murray Waas says that Scooter didn't tell Patrick Fitzgerald about the meeting when he testified, and that Fitzgerald only found out about it days ago, when Miller found the notes. Emptywheel thinks the series of corrections may have been caused by Times reporters sneaking the truth into stories that editors later had to try to rescind. (If so, I guess it's too bad for them that corrections go on A-17.) At any rate, it's sure that the Timesmen are getting restless; The Guardian had yesterday's memo from Bill Keller almost as soon as the staff did.

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just thought you should know. Emptywheel is a woman.