Friday, October 14

Somewhere Near the Next-to-Last Hurrah At Best

Gruss an Aachen rose (aka "Jerry")

Autumn-blooming clematis from about three weeks back. It's covered in small white flowers which, as it turns out, are too small for you to see. You probably can't smell them, either, but they smell good, too, if you like that sort of thing.

Grape leaves on the house, turning rapidly.


Anonymous said...

The rose is lovely, but the C. terniflora just creeps me out. The damned thing is invasive as hell here. It smothers entire woodlands, and the timber companies get them declared dead forests and clearcut the whole things. It's ugly.
I recognize that it's probably better behaved in other places, but I just can't cope with it at all.
I like your grape trellis, though.

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Damn. I didn't know, it's not on the invasive list here and is pretty well behaved. It's on the property in the first place (the one in the picture is a transplant) because my wife bought one to grow on a four-foot trellis in the front yard the year we moved in. She never reads the tags.

The grapes, now, are everywhere. courtesy a former owner of the place. There were at least six, four of which were on the property line. I have no idea what possesses some people. And it's some scuppernong type that even the birds won't eat until the dead of winter.