Sunday, June 22

Mild Suburban Amusements, Vol. XVI

THIS morning just after seven there's a pounding on the back door which can mean only one thing:  I've forgotten to latch the gate again, and Parker, the praeternaturally garrulous five-year-old from next door has gotten into the yard like a gulp of magpies.  

PG5:  Keats (the neighbor's cat) is under your car and she (he, actually) won't come out!

DR: Parker, would you poke a hibernating bear with a stick? *

PG5: No.

DR:  Well, you are.

* Exchange shortened for comic effect; it's necessary to repeat any question put to him six times at increasing volume levels just to get him to stop talking long enough to hear you.


map106 said...

You weren't, perhaps, born in July, were you? I would love to be your neighbor.

Kathy said...

You're very own Dennis the Menace! Cute! My daughter's cat can tell her school bus from the other 3 busses that stop in front of our house (which was a selling point!), and walks casually to the front door to greet her...til he hears the voice of one particular friend of hers, and races to stay under the bed. Well, I guess you'd have to be there.

map106 said...

Well, I thought I'd try to outsmart you and ask if a gulp of magpies was one of those collectives of which I was unfamiliar. What fool I.

Considering my personal favorite is a murder of crows (how pedestrian--no wait!--it's an ostentation of peacocks), I realize yet again (I'm a slow learner) I am in over my head.

As ever, master, I bow in awe at your breadth of knowledge. Forgive me, I'm originally from Illinois.

map106 said...

I think I meant impress rather than outsmart.

I really should give it up.

KathyR said...

You need a clowder of cats. That should take care of your magpie infestation.

forked tongue said...

I hope Keats got out from under the car OK.

Anonymous said...

Or is he now hangig out on a grecian urn?

His (groan) apology