Tuesday, June 3

Oh, I Forgot. He Had A Meddlesome Priest Deferment.

Bill Kristol, "What Obama Left Out." June 2

Why, it's military service! Senator Obama neglected to mention military service!

You'd imagine Bill Kristol (b. December 23, 1952) would sympathize, seeing as how he's the same Bill Kristol who in 2003 twice told C-SPAN callers he was "too young for Vietnam" or "too young to be drafted for Vietnam" when called on his chickenhawk ways, despite the fact that he was actually in the last class of draftees sent to Vietnam. But you'd be wrong.


joel hanes said...

I was born in 1952, as was Bill Kristol. There were no student deferments for the 1952 cohort. There was a draft-order lottery, by birth date: I drew number 87, and if your birthdate for Bill Kristol is correct, he drew number 171. I wasn't drafted until November of 1972. I don't think that the draft boards took anyone with a lottery number higher than 120 from our cohort, anywhere in the country. In my state, no one with a number higher than about 95 was called up in 1972.
And the next year, in 1973, they drafted up to about number 10, and then the VietNam war ended, and so did the draft.
I'm pretty sure that with his draft number, Bill Kristol could have escaped the draft without skullduggery.

But he is a despicable smirking jackass.

coriolis said...

Fuck Kristol. He wasn't too young to volunteer. At seventeen, I took my GED test scores down to the recruitment center and I put my ass on the line.

Donna said...

How dare these shitheels talk about military service after Bush, Cheney and all those other dodgers took us into Iraq.
Someone should buy these assholes a mirror and tell them they can't write or say anything until they've gazed deeply into it!

Chris Vosburg said...

I was born in '54, last year of the lottery, actually had a number, though it became moot.

Those born in '52, including my older brother, most definitely were called upon to serve democracy, or whatever the hell it was they thought they were doing.

So, uh, yeah. Kristol is lying. Be nice if somebody would call him on it, to his face, on teevee.

Distributorcap said...

kristol always lies or when he doesnt is wrong

that is why i have completely given up the times -- and i like having the $11 each week

notice how the media also fails to mention cheney's 5 i-had-better-things-to-do deferments

they are all chickenhawk assholes