Saturday, July 26

Happy 100th Birthday, FBI!

I think the Hoover Look-Alike Contest was particularly successful.


Poicephalus said...

"There's no place like home with Clyde."

Seriously, why do we have to tolerate that crypto-fascist crossdressing deviant* fuck's name on the headquarters of the FBI?

* And I ain't talking 1 SD, I'm talking waaay out on the tail.

Jaye Ramsey Sutter said...

Where did they find all those pairs of shoes that fit? Size 13 men's red sparkly low heeled pumps with bows. That my friend is resourcefulness.

Kathy said...

RE sparkly red shoes: Target has 'em. I had to buy my 10-yr old daughter a pair. Then she wanted to wear them to school and a squabble ensued. In the end we both agreed that I'm MEAN and DON"T LOVE HER SO THERE! and she wore sneakers.

Anonymous said...

Where DO you find these images, Mr. Riley?? Does it help to live in our great Western Wilderness (as the Wizard put it)?

Tummies and beards aside, that's a fine batch of ankles.

Speaking of pictures, I wish you would replace that image of our present Cross to Bear from your right column. It gives me a combination of grues and agita everytime I see it. He just KNOWS he's never going to jail, will never have to pay, not for any of it.

Li'l Innocent